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Welcome to Quick-Rite!

We specialize in preventative wildlife management as well as nuisance animal removal.

Quick-Rite will identify the species causing the problem, target that species in a quick and humane manner and work with you to repair the damage that has been caused.

Inspection & Consultation

Inspection is required so that we can determine and document the extent of the animal damage; a course of action to take to resolve the problem permanently and to cover our costs for travel, consultation and time spent inspecting your property. Our Inspection Fee is $75.00 for a typical residential call.

We also offer a more extensive Inspection & Consultation Service for owners of commercial and industrial properties, as well as individuals considering purchase of a property. In such cases, we would be happy to provide you with a written proposal for this service.

Services Offered

Nuisance Animal Removal*
Sealing up the offending animal(s) entry point(s)
clean-up, decontamination and damage Repair
Wildlife Proofing your home or facility
Guarantee against the return of offending species

* Prices will reflect such factors as species type, quantity, distance and hour of dispatch.

Bat Exclusion & Removal Prices

There are several factors that will affect the bottom line price:

- Condition of the building
- Amount of droppings
- Difficulty of repairs or cleanup
- Location

Level 1

Removal of a single transient bat that has entered the house or business.

Level 2

The simplest bat colony job would be a small building, such as a personal residence, with a small colony of bats, perhaps of 50 members or less.
The building is in good shape, and doesn't require a whole lot of repair.
The droppings are minimal, and don't require an extensive cleaning solution.

Level 3

Some of the factors have gone up. The building may be larger, or older, or the colony larger, or a combination.
For example, a larger house with a medium colony, perhaps of 100 members.
There are a fair amount of droppings, which require a more extensive cleaning job.
There are several entry points, perhaps because part of the structure is old, or simply of complex architecture and repairs are thus more involved.

Level 4

This typically involves a large building or a very large colony, or a tough situation, such as a tile roof with thousands of openings.
Examples could include large apartment or commercial buildings, or very large colonies, of several hundred or even thousands of members.
The biohazard posed by the large quantity of guano could be severe, and it requires extensive cleanup.
The building could be old, the entry areas vast, and some of them difficult to reach.

** An estimate of the final cost of the job will be provided upon inspection also the inspection fee will be deduced from the final cost.
Payment Methods Accepted:
Credit Card
Personal & Business Checks

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